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The Kashmir Symphony

Kashmir"- the valley of streams and lakes, flowers and fruits where apple and almond orchards are endless... where the cherries blossom and is bestowed with the four seasons. That is why it is called "a paradise on earth". The history of Shawl and Carpet weaving in Kashmir dates back to the period of Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (r.a) 1341-1385 AD - the famous Sufi saint of Persia, who came to enlighten Kashmir with his spiritual guidance and brought along highly skilled artisans, who laid base for cottage industries in Kashmir valley.

It is said that the shawls were famous from Kashmir even in the times of emperor Ashok (3rd C BC) but many writers credited Sultan Zain-Ul-Abidin (1420-1470 A.D) as the initiator of Shawl industry in Kashmir. It may be the Sultan whose enlightened rule encouraged promotion of arts as an organized trade and the Pashmina or in Persian called "Pashm" that we know today is a legacy of that period.

The mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir Arts has enchanted emperors, kings and nobleman down the centuries passed on from generation to generation as precious heirlooms. These intricate and ornate creations continue to be treasured and admired even today. Ardently pursued by lovers of art, the wonders of Kashmir Arts weave their magic spell all over the world. The ancient magic of Kashmir Arts continues to survive and thrive in the present age mainly because this rich heritage of craftsmanship and artistic endeavor has been passed on from generation as timeless tradition.

There are many a master craftsman dedicated to reviving and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the fascinating art forms of Kashmir. Their endeavor opens the doorway to a dazzling world of brilliant creativity and breathtaking craftsmanship-designed to hold you spellbound as you explore an exquisite range of handmade carpets, Pashmina shawls, Kani Jawawars, intricately embroidered dresses... and more. These creations have created a special niche for Kashmir and its carpets and shawl the world over.